2.2 GeoMetry Dash Apk Download For Android [Game]

Since it launched over seven years ago, 2.2 GeoMetry Dash Apk has developed an active community. Take a look at the information we’ve gathered about the next update if you’re curious what might be in store.

The 2.2 update is eagerly anticipated by many fans, but when will it be available? While there is no concrete date for the next gameplay update, past updates have introduced new levels, achievements, and game modes.

Over three years ago, the game received a major update that mainly focused on improving quality-of-life. We’re looking forward to the upcoming release, which includes improvements to the in-game editor.

What is 2.2 GeoMetry Dash Apk

GeoMetry Dash Android is a 2D neon platformer that is very popular among Android users. There are several levels in the game, each with its own melody, obstacles such as ski jumps, cliffs, and other details.

Play spectacularly and dynamically, jumping at the right time. A level editor is available for the game, and you can add your own or use others’ levels.

Managing a square in different levels filled with obstacles is the objective of Geometry Dash, a colorful platform game. 2D graphics are used to design the environments. As the square has to escape from thousands of scenarios filled with traps and falls, the game is highly active in all its levels.

As you move towards your goal, you will be able to jump just in time. The program also contains 21 official levels and a lot of user-designed levels. As part of the gameplay, there are elements such as diamonds, keys, coins, stars, and power fragments that enhance the rewards system. Several modes of play are available.

APK Details

Name2.2 GeoMetry Dash
Size74.8 MB
DeveloperRobTop Games
Package Namecom.robtopx.geometryjump
Required Android2.2+

Our ApkMabbu allows you to download its latest version in seconds. So, prepare yourself to jump from one geometric point to another until you reach the end goal. Throughout different scenarios, you must interact with a square as your main character.

The obstacles are geometric in nature, such as spikes, cliffs, fire, and traps, and are horizontally oriented in 2D. You play the game by jumping fast or flying if necessary, with the goal of winning.

During the game, you can jump only when you encounter obstacles, but you must always move the square forward. A failure to jump will result in you losing the level and starting again. If you concentrate as much as you can, you will be able to get the three hidden coins in each level.

There are also seven vehicles in Geometry Dash, each with its own behavior. The ships, cubes, balls, robots, spiders, waves, and UFOs are examples of these. There are portals that allow you to change the size, speed, gravity, position and direction of the vehicle when you use each one.

Furthermore, you will be able to practice your moves in the practice mode. There are 21 official levels in this game, as well as an option for creating custom levels through an attractive mechanism. No matter the length, duration, or difficulty level, they can be as long as you like.

Among the types of ear canals, there are minimal ones, short ones, medium ones, long ones, and extra-long ones. As an added bonus, you can share your own levels with other players, where you will be crowned the champion. As opposed to this, the 2.2 GeoMetry Dash was designed very well with colorful graphics and a retro style.

Key Highlights

There are many excellent games available for Smartphones and Tablets, but Geometry Dash stands out as one of the best. Among its supported operating systems are Android Phones and other well-known ones. In addition to constant improvements and excellent fluidity, it offers these other features:

  • Objects that can be customized and interacted with.
  • You can customize the square as you progress by unlocking new icons and colors.
  • You can practice your gameplay strategies in the practice mode.
  • Whether you jump or fly, the soundtrack provides rhythm.
  • Your score will be increased by different elements in the reward system.
  • In all aspects of the game, updates are frequent.
  • Action platforming based on rhythm.
  • Unique soundtracks on many levels.
  • With the level editor, you can create your own levels and share them with others.
  • You can customize your character by unlocking new icons and colors.
  • There are many things you can do, including flying rockets and flipping gravity.
  • Sharpen your skills by using practice mode
  • There is a lot of achievement and reward to be had.
  • You cannot purchase anything in the app.
  • Take on a near-impossible challenge.

Screenshots of The Game

How To Download and Install 2.2 GeoMetry Dash Game

You can begin downloading Mod Apk by clicking the button above. APK files are found in your browser’s “Downloads” section as soon as they have been downloaded. Downloading it from the Internet is required for installation on your phone.

If you want to install third-party applications on your device, make sure third-party applications are allowed. Depending on your browser preferences, a confirmation window will appear. Following are the steps to make this possible.

Ensure your phone’s settings permit installation of apps from trusted sources beyond Google Play Store and ApkMabbu.com by opening the settings, security, and unknown sources menus. The downloaded file can be opened by clicking on it once in your browser.

Next, launch the app on your phone and install it. Loading the content there will take a while. In your Android phone’s security settings, you can find the option to run this app.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, we can say that 2.2 GeoMetry Dash offers a great gameplay experience with its main character being a square in a 2D platform game. Rather than jumping over geometric obstacles, this one must leap through them until it reaches the goal. Easily develop and share custom levels with the level editor.

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