3×3 Solver Apk Download For Android [Cube Solver]

Today, you can play a wide variety of puzzle games. These puzzle games are enjoyable and challenging, which is one of the reasons we enjoy solving them. 3×3 Solver can help you crack it easily if you want to learn how.

A popular puzzle for decades has been the Rubik’s cube. The 3×3 Cube Solver can help you solve it easily if you want to learn how. A key feature of this app is that it helps you solve your Rubik’s cube by itself. The instructions can be followed by taking a picture of the game.

You will be provided with the steps to solve the problem based on the calculated best possible solution. You can practice as much as you like using the application by learning how to resolve it easily. The design can also be edited here if the capture failed to capture it correctly.

What is 3×3 Solver Apk

3×3 Solver Android is an android assisting tool that assist in solving problem in seconds. An architecture professor named Ern Rubik invented the Rubik’s cube, a popular puzzle. The dice weren’t even solvable in his mind at the time.

It took him three months to crack the challenge, but he succeeded. A Rubik’s cube competition is held every year to determine the fastest solver. Yusheng Du holds the world record with a time of 3.47 seconds.

The dice can be cracked in 2 minutes by a beginner today. For those who need help solving one, 3×3 Cube Solver can be helpful. Simply by using the app, you’ll be able to learn how to solve it much easier than you would by doing it yourself.

APK Details

Name3×3 Solver
Size4.2 MB
Package Namecom.keuwl.a3x3cubesolver
Required Android5.0+

Using the camera on your phone, you can capture your cube and it will be solved by the app. Following that, the solution will be shown to you so you can replicate it. You can improve your time if you practice solving it repeatedly.

Many modes are available on this app, including solution mode, edit mode, scramble mode, timer mode, and information mode. There’s nothing better than solving a Rubik’s cube, regardless of whether you’re planning on entering a competition. 3×3 Solver Download by Keywlsoft makes solving this problem very easy.

Key Highlights

Getting Started with Solving Rubik’s Cubes

  • There’s no better way to learn how to solve Rubik’s dice than to try it out for yourself. Even in just a few weeks, you can learn it if you keep trying. It requires a lot of practice and effort to become good at it.
  • With Solver tool, your times can be significantly improved today! The Rubik’s cube can be cracked more efficiently and quickly with the help of this application. Using your phone’s camera, you can take a picture of the physical dice.
  • Once you have edited it, you can let the app process it for you. It uses artificial intelligence to calculate how to solve the cube the fastest. After that, it will guide you through the steps to solve it. By keeping at it, you will be able to figure out how to solve it.

Using the camera mode

  • The camera of your phone can be used to capture the dice in this mode. A guideline on the screen allows you to align the squares perfectly. In order for the app to recognize the colors, you should take a picture of all sides correctly.
  • You can edit the color if necessary, but this apk recognizes the color accurately. In order to solve the problem, you need to make sure the color positions are correct in the app.

Mode of operation 

  • By viewing the steps for solving the cube, you can see how you solve it. By using shortcuts, you can display the solution, which is even animated for you. This allows even complete beginners to follow along. Additionally, the solution will guide you step-by-step through solving it.

Mode of scrambling

  • Also included in the app is a generator for scrambled sequences. This makes it easier for you to practice quickly and easily without scrambling dice yourself.

Setting a timer

  • 3×3 Dice Solver also allows you to keep track of your time. To track your progress, you can use a timer mode.

Mode Information

  • App user guide is available in this mode. You won’t have any problems using it.

Screenshots of The Game

How To Download and Install 3×3 Solver App

  • Download the APK by clicking here
  • Download the file by going to the download page
  • Take a moment to wait
  • Click on the download link to begin the download
  • Download Will Start
  • Take advantage of the Apk by installing it
  • With the Chrome browser, download the Apk from ApkMabbu for Android.
  • You can change your Android’s phone security settings by going to Phone Security Settings.
  • Unknown sources can be installed by tapping and allowing them.
  • Once the APK file has been downloaded, open the File Manager and click it.
  • As soon as the installation is complete, wait for it to finish.

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Final Thoughts

You can set the position of your 2×2 or 3×3 dice by tapping on the faces. Once you have clicked on “solve”, you will see a 3D model of the solution. Solve the pocket cube with this 3×3 Solver Apk in 14 moves or less. In addition, the classic dice can be solved in 68 or fewer moves.

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