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Advertising Policy

Welcome to StatsAPK, your premier destination for the latest APK downloads. Our platform is dedicated to providing users with a seamless experience, and this extends to the advertisements we host. We have set forth the following guidelines to ensure that our advertising content maintains our standards of quality and relevance.

  1. Preferred Advertisement Criteria
  2. Prohibited Advertisements
  3. Ad Placement
  4. Advertisement Review Process
  5. Partnership with Google AdSense
  6. Last Words

Preferred Advertisement Criteria

  1. Relevance to Our Niche: Advertisements should be pertinent to APKs or related interests of our audience.
  2. Transparency and Honesty: All promotional content must be factual and genuine, accurately representing the advertised product or service.
  3. User Experience Preservation: Advertisements should complement the user experience, without causing unnecessary disruptions or distractions.

Prohibited Advertisements

Ads will be declined if they:

  1. Pose potential threats, such as introducing malware or phishing schemes.
  2. Infringe upon copyrights or intellectual property rights.
  3. Propagate misinformation or deceptive content.
  4. Contain adult or explicit content.
  5. Promote illegal activities or substances.
  6. Discriminate or incite hatred against particular groups or individuals.

Ad Placement

  1. Advertisements will be allocated designated spaces on our platform.
  2. To ensure variety, a cap will be placed on the frequency of ads from a single advertiser.

Advertisement Review Process

  1. All advertisements will be subject to a rigorous vetting process prior to being displayed.
  2. Ads that do not adhere to our guidelines will be rejected. Feedback will be provided to advertisers, offering an opportunity for revision and resubmission.

Monetary Transactions & Refunds

  1. Payment procedures will be clarified upon the initiation of the ad placement process.
  2. If an ad is retracted due to violations of our guidelines, a proportional refund may be considered.

Partnership with Google AdSense

We are proud partners with Google AdSense. As such, users may occasionally see AdSense ads on our platform. We operate under an agreement with Google AdSense’s policies. Advertisers and users must recognize and agree to these policies when interacting with our platform.

Last Words

Thank you for considering advertising with StatsAPK. Our guidelines have been instituted to preserve the integrity and quality of our platform. By adhering to these guidelines, together, we can ensure StatsAPK remains a trusted and respected resource in the APK community.