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AOH 2 APK + MOD v1.016

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Overview Information

Name AOH 2
Package age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz
Publisher Łukasz Jakowski
Category Strategy
Version 1.016
Size 140.15 MB
Requires Android 4.0 and Up
Updated On
AOH2 Apk Download for Android Free [Strategy Warfare 2024] for playing the strategy based warfare gameplay on your Android devices.

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Gamers can easily find tons of modern warfare games nowadays. All the current games are incredibly fast-paced. AOH2 Apk is a game that offers a subtle gaming experience. This is a warfare game but going around this game will require players to use battle tactics and strategies.

  1. What is AOH2 Apk?
  2. Highlights of AOH2 Apk
  3. Alternative Games for AOH2 Apk
  4. How to Download the AOH2 Apk File?
  5. How to Install the Apk file?
  6. Key Features of AOH2 Apk
  7. FAQs
  8. Is this the official version of Age of History?
  9. Is this game present on Google Play Store?
  10. Do the developers offer an iOS version?
  11. Is it safe to install the game file from this website?
  12. Final Words

The gameplay does not overwhelm players with daily objectives and missions. Instead, it will offer complete control over everything. The game progresses only according to player decisions. There is no rush to be the winner here. To excel in the game, players have to make canny decisions and be patient.

What is AOH2 Apk?

AOH2 Apk is a strategy/War Game for Android with great features. This gameplay presents an opportunity for players to write history once again. Remap everything from the very beginning or simply the rise of humanity. This famous game sequel will test player ability on diverse levels.

It is entirely up to the players how they are interested in playing this game. Many players may have noble thoughts of spreading unity and brotherhood among countries. Some players simply may have dictator thinking and are trying to conquer the world using cunning ideas and tactics.

Each player will be given a choice to select a region on the grand map initially. Once a country/region is selected, strategy-making needs to begin. As mentioned, it is up to players how they proceed. There are options available like being traders or straight-up invaders. Experience how complete control and authority feel.

This gameplay is altogether about data analytics. There is no actual battlefield where players get to use guns. It delivers something much more pleasing as they will be involved in diplomacy, politics, and strategy planning. Be the authority behind all the decisions being made behind closed doors at the highest level.

Highlights of AOH2 Apk

Customize your Country

The region gamers choose to own requires an identity in the world. So players have to customize various aspects. Like every other country, it needs to have a flag. The in-game flag maker will help players design an attractive flag. There are other aspects to look at like setting provinces and so on.

Age by Age Progress

If a player is looking for a long-term gaming experience, this is the best choice. Here players will start from scratch and rise up to the future. Players will progress age after age to explore a new future. Players will explore and conquer new continents through the Ages AOH2 Game.

Extensive Country Data

Gamers will have access to vast data about each country. This data will enable gamers to make decisions and strategies according to this shared data. Players will get Population, Provinces, Army, Economy, Technology, Average development, Inflation, War Weariness, Stability, and many more analytics.

Claim Undiscovered Lands

The world map is quite extensive and initially, there will be many undiscovered lands. Gamers strategically have to discover and own these lands. There will be many opposing forces in the play as well. So the player has to tackle these situations accordingly.

Alternative Games for AOH2 Apk

Age of History 2 is generally about warfare strategy and planning. It does not offer a hands-on battlefield experience. So we are providing some modern warfare games available on this website. Action gaming fans can try games like Gunfire Reborn Apk and Street of Rage 4 Apk.

How to Download the AOH2 Apk File?

The section will enable users to download the Apk file without any errors. The procedure is quite basic and it will require users to spare a few minutes. Staying connected to a stable and fast internet connection. Downloading will begin after a single tap on the presented download button on this page.

How to Install the Apk file?

To initiate the installation process, there is one mandatory process to follow. Users are required to visit phone settings>security settings and enable unknown sources installations. As the permission is granted, the installation procedure can begin.

  • Visit the phone file manager, identify the downloaded file, and tap on it.
  • As the installation prompt starts, tap on the install.
  • It will take a few seconds to complete the installation process.

Key Features of AOH2 Apk

  • The game file is available for free to get here.
  • It does offer optional in-game purchases.
  • No third-party advertisements during the gameplay.
  • High-quality graphics and resolution.
  • Smooth and responsive controls.
  • Flag Maker and Wasteland editor.
  • Extensive and detailed map with historical borders.
  • In-depth information about countries.
  • Choose how the game progresses over time.
  • Wage wars or sign peace treaties with countries.
  • Many more…


Is this the official version of Age of History?

Yes, this is the official sequel of the Age of History Game.

Is this game present on Google Play Store?

Yes, Android users can find the latest version on Google Play.

Do the developers offer an iOS version?

There is an iOS version but we are only offering the Android version here.

Is it safe to install the game file from this website?

Users can install the game file without any security concerns.

Final Words

This is an opportunity to rewrite history in a manner you like. AOH2 Apk will test players’ decisions and strategies on numerous levels. This is going to be a prolonged yet highly engaging gaming journey.

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