Baby Panda’s Weather Station APK Download!

How is the sun important in our lives? How do we prepare for a rainy day? How should we dress for a snowy day? Explore weather together with Weatherman Kiki!

Different Weather Conditions

The sun is out. Move the sun over the crops so they will grow more quickly. The kiwis are ripe. Make sun-dried chips from them while it’s sunny! Experience farm life here and learn about the activities on a sunny day.

It’s about to rain. How should we get ready? Transform into a construction worker and lay bricks to reinforce the dam and prevent floods! Look, the ants are on the move. Guide them through the mud, avoiding the rocks, and get them to their new home!

Do you wish for snow? Bundle up in a scarf and put on boots for a snowy day, and you are ready to build a snowman! Decorate your very own snowman with a hat and glove. The roads are covered in snow. Clear the roads with the snowplow.

Visit the Weather Station APK now to understand the different weather conditions!

Game Key Features

  • – Learn about sunny, rainy, and snowy weather, and how to dress for them.
  • – Experience the different activities: building a snowman, planting crops, and helping ants move nest.
  • – Get to know different animals: Birds, rabbits, squirrels, and frogs.
  • – 18 kinds of decorations for your very own snowman: glasses, a hat, a scarf, gloves, and more.

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