Baking Bustle APK Chef’s Special Download!

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You’ll have to hustle to keep this powerful team on their toes as they race around the kitchen. Feed famished customers before they become impatient and leave. Challenge your inner chef by cooking delicious dishes, stocking up on supplies, and picking the best order to serve your customers. Quick clicking and clever planning are essential to get you through each day!

Can Ashley and Scott make their dreams of owning their own eatery come true? Can you crush the challenges that lie ahead of you? Install and play Baking Bustle today!

Game Key Features

  • 70 fast-paced time management levels
  •  Bright and colorful visuals
  •  4 unique customer traits
  •  Normal and Easy game modes
  •  Interactive tutorial
  •  Strategy guide for each level included

How to Play

  • – Watch for customer orders.
  • – Make the dish the customer ordered.
  • – Deliver the order before the customer becomes impatient and leaves.
  • – Order supplies when you’re running low.
  • – Make the required amount of money to complete each level.

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