Beach War: Fight For Survival-Apk Download [Latest 2021]

Beach War Apk is the First Person Shooter (FPS) game. In the game, players will have to single-handedly fight back the tanks, airplanes, and countless armed soldiers.

Game Theme:

  • Weapons range from 50 mm machine guns to missiles heat
  • The large-scale airstrikes
  • Motion in a true physical
  •  Force attacked at night with the support of lights and flares
  •  Photos troops are meticulously designed more
  • The actions of true soldiers and “intelligent” more
  •  You will receive support strikes from bombers B58
  • Weapons reality (M60 machine guns, 75 mm AT, Gatling
  • Visual effects and more realistic sound


In the game, players are tasked entrenched in the previous one rushing attack of the enemy. You’ll have to kill many enemy types including infantry, heavy tanks, aircraft equipped with missiles

Gameplay is calculated as real time, every day a mission. Sometimes you have to fight the enemy in the dark or at night can also combat the scorching sun at noon.

Beach War is considered a great upgrade version of game destroying tanks Beach War with improvements in mission, weapons, technical movements .

Advantages of the game Beach Defense:

  • Adding new weapons
  •  Add tasks at night
  • Al smarter enemy
  •  Capacity Light

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