Block Launcher APK Download (29.6MB) – Latest Version v1.23.1


Block Launcher apk

Download Block Launcher APK

Block Launcher APK for Android is a must-have application for every Minecraft player on their Android device. If you are an avid Minecraft fan who loves playing the game on your Android device and want to know more about BlockLauncher Android application, then by reading this article you will be able to get all the necessary information about BlockLauncher app that you need to know.

All the graphics and other background elements of the Minecraft PE game can be easily accessed and managed using the BlockLauncher application which makes it quite a blessing for those serious Minecraft PE players out there.

What is Block Launcher APK?

Block Launcher apk
Download & Install Latest Version Block Launcher APK

The BlockLauncher APK was earlier known as MCPELauncher APK. The BlockLauncher Android app is a custom launcher that works on Android devices to patch issues related to graphics and textures found within the Minecraft PE game.

For BlockLauncher APK to work, it is essential that you install the full version of Minecraft PE on your Android device. If you have the J version of Minecraft or the demo version of the game, then BlockLauncher will not work at all on your device.

Moreover, if you are using an Android device that runs of the Android Jelly Bean version of the operating system, then there is no point in installing this application as the original textures cannot be loaded on to the game if the game is downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. Instead of the unique compositions, the default standard demo texture pack will be loaded when the game run.

File Info

App Name Block Launcher
File Type APK
Version 1.23.1
Size 29.6MB
Rating 4.3
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Last Updated on May 2019

How to Download and Install Block Launcher APK?

Below we have mentioned a detailed and straightforward tutorial that you can follow if you wish to install the Block Launcher application on your Android device.

  • First of all, download the official and latest version of Block Launcher APK on your Android device by clicking on the button titled “Download” that is featured above.
  • After the APK file gets downloaded to your Android Smartphone or tablet fully.
  • You need to launch the same data from within the device. You can find and navigate to the downloaded APK file using any file manager app of your choice.
  • When you click on the Block Launcher APK file, the installation of BlockLauncher will begin immediately on your Android device.
  • You now have to wait for the installation of the application to finish successfully.
  • After the installation was entirely is done, you will be able to see the BlockLauncher App launch icon within your device.
  • Click on this icon to launch the Block Launcher App and enjoy its features.

Screen Shots

Block Launcher apk
Block Launcher APK Screen Shots

Features of Block Launcher

Here is a brief look into the features that are supported by the Block Launcher APK application for the Android operating system.

  • Customize the graphics settings to get the best gaming experience by making the most out of the hardware capabilities of your Android device.
  • Option to select and use the inbuilt texture pack within Minecraft PE.
  • Ability to manage all the p have matches for Minecraft PE that are available on your device.
  • So that you only keep the ones that you use and save storage space on your Android device.
  • A safe mode where you can disable any patches that are installed or enabled on Minecraft PE that is installed and run on your Android device.

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Block Launcher APK Download (29.6MB) – Latest Version v1.23.1
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