Bloons Pop APK Download!

Those Bloons may look cute and colorful but they’ve made a mess of Monkey Town, and it’s up to you to pop them all and set things right!

Game Introduction

Aim your friendly Monkeys then watch them jump right into the puzzle and use their signature abilities to pop as many Bloons as possible. Merge shots into powerful Mega Monkeys and unlock bonus Hero Monkey shots to help you win!

Each victory helps you rebuild the beautiful village scenes that the Bloons disrupted. Place buildings, characters, pets, decorations, and a variety of other interactive, animating objects to make each Monkey Town your own creation. Bloons Adventure Time TD is an awesome crossover between the award-winning animated series Adventure Time and the #1 Tower Defense game, Bloons TD!

Game Key Features

  • 10 adorable animating Monkey characters that jump straight into the puzzle
  • Thousands of colorful, challenging levels with an endless variety of Bloons, obstacles, and moving formations
  • 8 unique Monkey Town scenes to restore and decorate with 120 beautifully crafted animating objects
  • Merge Monkeys to create awesome Mega Monkeys, capable of clearing huge puzzle sections by themselves
  • Build up your score meter and win powerful bonus Hero Monkeys
  • Earn and collect screen clearing Powerups to help get past tough levels
  • Combine your victories with other players to complete Team Goals and earn special rewards


So sharpen your darts, steady your aim, and pop your way to victory in the richly animated world of Bloons Pop!

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