Best Casual Games for Android in 2022

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Best Casual Games for Android in 2022

4.4/5 - (9 votes)

The mobile gaming industry is highly on the rise.  In recent years, mobile gaming has become very frequent. Game developing companies have offered numerous games in recent years. There are different types and genres of games. In this review, you will know about Best Casual Games for Android in 2022.

  1. Final Words

Most Modern-day games are about premium purchases, online clashes with live opponents, and competitive environments. Most of the modern-day famous games are battle-oriented. Most people like to play them.  The reason for playing a game is for fun but now games have become stressful.

Now, most casual games offer only fun and there is stress. Winning or losing does not matter if you are having. That is we will be offering some really fun games for the players. Each game will be highly fun and players won’t stop playing once they get started. This will be an interesting experience.

 All the games offered here are going to be free get.  There will be no mandatory premium purchases to go through as well. You are just required to get them for your device from any credible source and start playing instantly. The might be a purchases option available but that can be skipped easily.

These Android games are going to be highly addictive and entertaining. We have tried to make provide descriptions of every gameplay. So reading properly will help users in understanding and get started instantly. Let’s get to exploring the list without wasting any more time.

Idle Zombie Survival

How about a game that gives you complete control. In this gameplay, players will get to experience a Zombie apocalypse.  The players will be given the duty of fighting these creatures and setting the world order back in place. There will be numerous stuff to do here like Battles, team building, and more.

Every player has the option of building a team of different characters. Each character will be bearing numerous skills and abilities. These characters will be controlled all by the players. All the purchases in this gameplay can be perfumed by the in-game currency. This currency can be earned from playing.

It also can be played in offline mode. There will be multiple facilities in the city that have to be unlocked. Unlocking all these facilities will increase the earnings for the players.  The earning can also be used for upgrading and unlocking weapons.

Ninja Race

This is gameplay where players have to race against live opponents. These opponents can be your Facebook friends or random opponents. The race won’t be like other free-running gameplays. This gameplay will be a lot different than traditional gameplay. Here you will experience Ninja Running.

There will be obstacles that you will overcome with the Ninja technique.  There will be extremely high jumps and so much more. The graphics are going to be really high-end and the controls are going to be very smooth as well.  There will be no option of adjusting the Joystick controls here.

It has a huge range of character customizations. There will be an option of changing characters and adding numerous powerups of all the characters. There are multiple numerous leagues to participate in and reach the highest in the leader boards. Compete against your friends from Facebook and social platforms.

Project Makeover

This is a game rated for Kids aged 3 plus and it is best suited for Girls. Here the gamers get the opportunity of making fashion-related choices for the in-game character. The in-game character will be with the worst fashion choices and a  career that can go down at any point in time.

Now the players have the chance to save the day. There will be numerous character customization options from makeup to dress decisions. Provide a complete look transformation for the character and save her from getting bullied by other in-game characters. There will be a lot more than this here.

The gamers will also get the opportunity of playing numerous puzzles. Now as this is a fashion and style-oriented gameplay, the puzzles will also be in that manner. Create signature styles for the character which will attract others as well.

Marble Clash

This is a game that is very similar to Pool. Here you will get marbles instead of pool balls. This is online gameplay and there will be 1v1 clashes. The players can join using their social accounts.  The match-making can be made with Facebook friends or random opponents from around the world.

It has a really smooth interface with high-end graphics quality. The controls are going to be most important here. There is no physical button here but the shots will be made by swiping. So the screen controls are really smooth and there will be glitch issues here.

It gives you daily rewards and there will be many in-game earning as well. The in-game earning can be used for upgrading the skills and unlocking new marbles. If anyone wants to play without signing in, they can play as guests here.

These games are going to be the best option to try on Android. If anyone is interested in trying another gaming Genre, they can give a try to Trivia Games.  There will be many similar posts on this site for the users to explore.

Final Words

We hope that users were able to find Best Casual Games to play on their Android. This new year is going to be a lot of fun with these gameplays.       

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4.4/5 - (9 votes)
4.4/5 (9 votes)

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