Color Hoop Stack APK Sort Puzzle Download!

Color Hoop Stack APK  is a classic addictive sort puzzle game. Solve the puzzle by sorting colorful hoops. Color Hoop Stack is a challenging yet relaxing and totally free sort puzzle game to exercise your brain! 

Game Introduction

Color hoop stack  APK puzzle game is a funny, tricky and addictive puzzle game for you to play in your free time. Try to sort the hoop and put them in the stack until all colors are in the same color stack.

Drag and drop to move the hoop. Only one hoop can be moved at a time. You can only move a hoop on top of another hoop if both of them have the same color. Put hoops of the same color on one stack

Game Key Features

  • Completely free to play
  • Truly enjoy the fun of puzzle game: NO wifi needed
  • Pure game environment: NO time limit
  • Simple and addictive gameplay!
  • The Best Color sorting Hoop Stack puzzle for kids and all ages
  • Solve logic puzzle by color matching skills
  • Hundreds of challenging color sort puzzle levels to keep you entertained for hours

Game Conclusion

Getting bored? Want to train your brain and keep your mind active? Color Hoop Stack – Sort Puzzle is everything you are looking for! If you like our sort puzzle game, please give us a rating and review. That is the motivation for us to keep producing more funny free games. If you need support, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you very much!

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