Covenant of Gardel APK Download Free!

Covenant of Gardel APK is an epic idle RPG for Covenanters all over the world.

Game Intro and Details

You will become a courageous hero with great potential and secret powers. With a squad of awesome Familiars, you are destined to save our homeland from evil monsters!

Thousands of years ago, a mysterious Ancient Mage summoned legendary Familiars and defeated the Four

Demogorgon’s who invaded the Land of Girdle. Following the path of the Ancient Mage, the SCF Academy was established to train talented Covenanters like you. Now that those evil demons came back with well-equipped troops, waging another war on our homeland, you and other Covenanters became our last hope. Please lead us in the fight against the evil and restore peace to humanity!

Game Key Features

  • You are able to summon 100 Familiars to your squad from four factions, Nature, Barbarian, Abyss, and Hell, through gauche collecting. Level up, tier up, or gear up your Familiars to boost the BR to the max cap.
  • To help you claim victory, you can summon up to 15 awesome Familiars in a battle. With magic Artifact Skills and a legendary lineup, you will be invincible for leaderboard domination!
  • You will receive tons of rewards by completing different quests and clearing challenging stages. With the help of your friends and the Masters, you will embark on a breathtaking adventure and rise to become a legendary Covenanter!
  • This is a free exploration mode where at most 100 players gather to fight with different strategies and loot amazing rewards by slaying mighty Bosses.
  • In Team Expedition, players will choose one of the three factions, Terrans, Demons, and Gods, to compete on the Alien Battleground. You will occupy as many hexes as possible and fight alongside with your allies to claim victory.

If you are lucky enough, you may be invited to explore the Void Arcadia, where players will find rare materials to awaken and beef up your Familiars!

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