Dinosaur Park APK – Primeval Zoo 2021

It’s a sensation: A real t-rex has just hatched from an egg – in YOUR dino zoo game! Create a fantastic animal world teeming with prehistoric creatures and wow your visitors. In this dino game, you’re the proud owner of a dino zoo with numerous attractions.

Challenges In Dino Simulation

  • Provide and decorate enclosures for your dinosaurs
  •  Breed brontosauri, t-rexes, and other prehistoric animals
  •  Supply your dinosaurs with food, water, and play equipment
  •  Equip your dino zoo with snack shacks and souvenir shops for your guests
  •  Create a breathtaking dinosaur park experience

Dinosaur Park APK Details 

Primeval Zoo is one of the most entertaining dinosaur games in the world of apps. The cute prehistoric animals make this tycoon simulation a thrilling hit all dinosaur lovers! If you grew up with the hit movie Jurassic Park and its sequels, this dino game will let you see the prehistoric world with new eyes.

The best part of this dino game? Your dinos react to everything you do! Fill their food troughs and watch them delight in their fodder. Set up play equipment and watch them play with it!

Game Conclusion

Which strategies you pursue and how effectively you run your dino zoo game is all up to you! Play Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo and experience the most captivating dinosaur game of all time!

Dinosaur Park APK : Primeval Zoo is co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the German federal government’s computer game funding program.

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