Dragon Slayer APK Free Download!

Game Introduction

“Dragon Slayer” is a western magic theme original RPG mobile game that combines strategic Tower Defense and idle mode. We will lead you back to the magic continent with dragons and undead. Let’s raise the axe in your hand and recruit heroes of the alliance. Guard the world we need to protect!

Game Features

  • Multiple Gameplay. Constantly Surprise!
    Break through the traditional Tower Defense, manually release heroes’ ult to defeat enemies with your decision. Also there are Trials Tower, Arena and Guild Bosses waiting for you!
  • Diverse Factions. Battle of Strategy
    Hero, Artifact, Faction Development is all up to you. Attack and defense, the whole plan is under your control and decision.
  • Hand Free. Idle-based Play
    Players could easily get rewards from idle chest. Relaxed and good to kill times. It would not take too much time in players’ busy life.
  • Cross-server Battle. Fight for Champion
    Break the limitation and get in the battle against other cross-server players around the world. It is imperative to set up a lineup of heroes and guard your Crystal base!”

Game Conclusion

This is an engaging game with twists and turns after every step, this will give anyone playing the game the experience of their lives. Enjoy!

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