Emoji Match & Connect APK Free Download 2021

Emoji’s come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. We’ve taken our deep collection of emojis and assembled them in a series of different types of matching games that will keep you busy for hours!

Game Introduction

The game starts easy, but keep playing because we bring you different types of matching puzzles as it progresses! Unlock animated emojis along the way and bring the game to life.

Tap, swipe and drag your way to success as you play through hundreds of different puzzles, and numerous different type match games to play, all bundled in one:

Use all different types of logic and stretch your brain to connect pairs, triples, or even quadruple sets of matching emojis.

  • Find similarities between boxes of emojis and place the right one with it’s mates.
  •  Use your memory to quickly identify hidden matched emojis.
  •  Mix and match emoji halves to complete the emoji correctly.
  •  Correctly identify and match silhouettes from a bank of emojis.

Come play along with us and meet the challenge!
From the original creators of Guess the Emoji, and other great emoji based games.

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