Emoji Runner APK Funny Challenge!

Use emoji to change your look
Drive cars on highway, swim in the sea, fly in the sky in this game.

Game Introduction

The most amazing runner game ever!
Choose the right emojis to make your way and beat your enemies.

  • – Super easy controls
  • – Fast and fun gameplay
  • – Lots of different challenges
  • – Unlimited fun

Game Details

  • Tap to jump and escape the bad Emojis on your endless run. See how long you can last!
  • Survive as many Mad Emojis and Poop Emojis as you can. Grab some Food Emojis if you feel hungry!
  • With the excitement building over The Emoji Movie, try some early Emoji action!
  • Challenge yourself for a top score! Beat your friends on leaderboard!

    How to Score

  • Jump over a Mad Emoji: +1 Point
  • Fall into a Poop Emoji: -1 Point
  • Grab a Food Emoji: +5 Points

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