Football Elite APK American Football Games 2021

Football Elite APK is an ultimate experience designed for fans of social sport games. It’s your time to make an All Star quarterback rush on your mobile!

Game Introduction

Football Elite, a new game from social sport games leaders Ten Square Games offers an unique experience in the world of football. Clash against American football fans from all over the world in the real-time online football games.

Join a football team and invite your friends. Complete the training in the College Football Elite Academy and start a season in an American football league. Enter football games, deal cards to attack and make a quarterback rush or a perfect kick! Be a part of the ultimate football team – an elite football games player!

Become the quarterback you’ve always wanted to be. Socialize with your teammates and lead your football team to victory. Help your friends by sending gifts. Make a quarterback rush through the regular season, play-offs to final football games! Climb to the top of the Football Elite League and be a part of a new American football franchise!

Every championship team needs an All Star football player. Train hard and become a real football legend. A franchise player that everybody wants in his American football team. The MVP of the super finals. Football games dominator. The one to build on fantasy football dynasty.

Game Salient Features

• Become a key player on your team. The individual point system earns you game cash for staying in the center of the action.
• Real ball physics and pro level speeds make game play realistic
• Choose every play and control whichever player you choose
• Offensive tactics include play selection, rushing speed boost, stiff arm, spin, and diving into the end zone
• Defensive tactics include play selection, interception, speed boost, and dive tackle
• Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of play
• Create your own team
• Earn game cash for outstanding individual and team performance
• Game cash unlocks training to advance your team
• Play through Bowl Tournaments with distinct opponents football game for everyone

Game Conclusion

In Football Elite you don’t have to be American football games expert to be an All Star quarterback. Keep training, socialize, beat all rivals standing between you and the super finals bowl trophy and bring your football game to the whole new level.

DOWNLOAD NOW and make the quarterback rush to the top of the American football league!

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