Gang Thugs Anarchy – Apk Free Download

Large open 3D world game awaits all with new HD graphics, improved mechanics and easy controls.


Brand new crime simulator with cool and amazing graphics loaded with violence and gangs.
A world full of anarchy with gangs, thugs and gangsters confrontations, the police is in the middle.

Who will have the higher hand? who will survive? who will stay to rule the city?

This action game is full of cool, interesting missions in diverse difficulty levels. in a range from easy, medium and hard missions, some time based.
Absolutely fun and completely wild action missions with weapons and vehicles.
This open world city is full of attractions, dive into the world of our hero or is he a villain? you decide!
here every man is for himself, you must be alert and on your toes. you never know from where the anarchy will arrive.

Be the best, beat your friends, climb the charts, choose from creative violence where you can choose missions, gather coins and XP points or if you prefer to test your skills in a timer mode.

How To Improve Your Game Skills ?

With limited time you must get the most points to be on top of all the charts.
Find many weapons on the streets, pistols, shot guns, riffles, automatic guns, RPG and many more.
Improve your health with medical kits, improve your speed and weapons damage.
Choose from cool and fun skins to make your Character unique.
Endless possibilities to unburden yourself! This city is full of crime, always gangster wars, mafia cartels, thieves stealing all the time, vice strolling around and patrolling.
The missions never stop in this dangerous and criminal city.


Don’t miss out on all the fun. start this heart racing story, complete insane missions, join the mafia cartel, fight for your life, never give up, each action-packed mission will get you more XP points and coins to upgrade your gangster.
Anarchy!! Out now!

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