Gas Station, Car Wash & Car Parking Game APK Download!

Get ready for the best Smart Car Wash Service Station: Car Mechanic Games. Enjoy the best gas station car cleaning game with added features of smart car wash, car mechanic simulator and car parking games.

Game Introduction & Details

Get behind the wheels of amazing smart cars and drive towards the service station in car wash games. Drive smart cars to nearby service station and get the car wash and enjoy parking the smart car in parking games. Need a car mechanic garage where you can get best car wash service. Wash cars inside automatic car washer, drive the car carefully around the gas station and get the best car wash in smart car wash games. For amazing car services like highway service or maintenance you are right here where you belong in car job simulator mechanic games. Drive smart car around nearby gas station and park at the highway fuel station games to refill the petrol in car washing games.

Smart wash cars are arriving in the vehicle service station for cleanup and car service in car wash games, so you as smart car wash cleaner have a tough job to do. Get behind the wheels to drive and park super smart cars at the gas station. The smart cars are directly coming from a heavy rain fall yesterday to get cleaned in the smart car wash service station. Entertain yourself and take the smart car for a drive around the gas station for the parking after get a car wash servicing in smart car wash games. Check smart car engine, bumper, alloy wheels and rims to ensure it’s clean. Exterior rollover smart car wash salon is automated system where you drive your smart car inside the nearby service station. Park inside cars wash station at designated parking space. Drive the smart car inside the automated car wash system and after getting the job done park the car in gas station in smart car wash games.

After cleanup at the smart car wash games you will be able to drive the car in the gas station have to park the car in the right spot in car wash service station mechanic games. Modern car was service is beyond cool and time saving the new invention of the century is used in this car wash game with a touch of parking games. Wash cars inside the service station to remove stains, rust and scratches in car fixing games.

Operate your gas station and service station to complete your smart car wash service in car wash games. The cars wash salon fuel station is fully automatic all you need to do is drive the amazing smart car inside cars wash service station in car wash mechanic games. The smart car wash is located next to the amazing car services station at highway gas station games. This gas service station is equipped with all the latest sponge car wash services and mechanic simulator tools in car wash parking games. This is perfect blend of car wash service cleaning and gas station smart car wash games and parking games.

Game Key Features

  • -Challenging smart car washing, refuel and parking levels
  • -Multiple smart cars to drive and park with
  • -Realistic highway service gas station for car wash
  • -Need precision driving to operate the car
  • -Smart car controls for smooth gameplay.

Game Conclusion

Download Smart Car Wash Service Station: Car Mechanic Games and enjoy smart car washing and parking games in service station. Have fun in car washing & parking simulator and paly with your friends

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