Golden Bazaar APK Game of Tycoon 2021

Start your business as a commoner and eventually build a commercial empire in the Ancient Arab world.

Game Introduction

Golden Bazaar APK- An idle Business simulation game with fantastic retro art style. Explore a brand new world. Start an amazing journey of business! Your business grows even when you are offline! Download for free now! From the owner of a humble bakery to the richest person in the Middle East, How does a poor boy become a mega tycoon? Find that out in Golden Bazaar: Game of Tycoon!

Game Key Features

  • Bakery, Tailor Shop, Jewelry Store, Watch Shop…expand your business to different industries until you achieve a monopoly in the region!
  • Astrologer, Porcelain Craftsman, Captain, Tailor, Painter…you will need professional people to help you run your commercial empire.
  • The dutiful Tea Artist from the far east, the mighty queen of an empire, the innocent farm girl who lives next door…who will help you achieve greatness, and who will be your true love?
  • Establish international trade routes. Tea from China, spices from India, jewelry from Egypt, metals from Rome… Sell to whoever offers the highest price!
  • Defeat your competitors, corrupt profiteers, and dishonest traders – Take their businesses away from them!
  • As a wealthy tycoon, you will have a lot of children. If you don’t want to see your commercial empire destroyed by them, you’d better raise them well! You can even arrange marriages for them to further your future plans!

Final Words

Money never sleeps! Your business is constantly making money for you even when you are offline! Every time when you log in to the game you may collect the fortune! With opportunity, comes risk. Are you a real risk-taker? Or maybe sending your retainers on adventures would be the safer strategy. They may just bring back rare treasures you’ve never seen before!

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