Gumslinger APK Download for Android!

Fight tough bosses in this new game mode,

Game Introduction

Welcome to Gumslinger APK. A gummy candy world of intense shootouts, amazing skill shots and crazy fun gunplay missions. Minor adjustments and a lot of fun stuff! Send out your idle Gumslinger APK for special quests to earn coins and respect
Content Consist of

  • – New level
  • – New Gunslingers
  • – New gun skin
  • – New confetti celebration
  • – New K.O. splatter effects

Game Key Features

  • – Duel Gums lingers around the world in PvPb tournaments, 64 players but only one winner.
  • – A wide variation of skillshot missions
  • – Amazing soft-body physics fun
  • – Many widely different guns to unlock
  • – Style your guns with amazing gun skins
  • – Fight tough bosses
  • – A lot of fantastic Gumslingers to collect
  • – Send out your posse of Gumslingers to bounty hunt for you
  • – Loads of different levels and environments
  • – Great achievements and rewards to collect
  • – Climb the ranking system to the top

Game Conclusion

Gumslinger APK is a unique combination of skill, competition, physics, mouthwatering gummy candy and great fun! Thank you for playing! Enjoy

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