Hangman Classic APK Free Download!

This is a classic game for all age group and comes with hints for helping the players. Each complete win will reward you with six stars which you can use for hints and each incorrect guess will take one stars from total reward.

Game Introduction

Welcome to play, learn and enjoy Hangman Classic game on your mobile or tablet. This is based on the popular classic word guessing game Hangman. The player guesses letters in order to uncover the hidden word. But, you only have a six guesses before you get hanged. 

Hangman Classic comes with a two player mode where you can type in your word and play with your friends and family. This game is especially for those kids and adults who want to practice their language skills and vocabulary.

For those kids who are trying to learn new words can use this game for learning and elders can use the 2 player mode to help these kids. You can win the hangman game if you could guess the correct word before the figure of the stick man is finished and if not, it will be hanged and you will lose the game. You can uses five stars for each hint and increase you chances of winning a game.

Game Key Features

  • – Minimal and simple design following Paper and Pen design
  • – Ideal for all ages
  • – Hints available during the game play
  • – Single player mode
  • – Two player mode for playing with your friends and family
  • – Expand vocabulary while playing games
  • – Free and fun game
  • – Including thousands of popular words
  • – Compatible with all your devices including tablets

Game Conclusion

Thank you for choosing and playing our Hangman Classic Games app! It is free to download and easy to play with most amazing features, If you have any questions regarding our app please always feel free to contact us directly via our email! Enjoy!

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