How to Loot 2 APK Hero Rescue & Pin Pull Game !

How To Loot 2 is pin rescue game and not difficult, what you need here is a smart brain, agility and calculation logic.

Game Introduction

If you want to help the hero pull the pin, you need to consider which pins to draw in order to lead lava, poisonous water, gas . to the monster’s room, destroy the monster fastest, then save the princess and escape the castle.

There are lava pipes, toxic liquids, gas pipes, you need accurate calculations to lead them to the monster’s chamber. If you unfortunately lead poison gas and lava into the hero’s room, you will lose

The higher the levels, the more gray matter you must use because of the complex arrangement of the traps in the castle. You need to guide water through the transformation pipe to turn water into lava to destroy monsters, or use the liquid to open the lava pins through the monster’s room.

So, have you seen enough excitement and attraction?

The adventure is not as easy as before, because the pitfalls of How To Loot 2 have reached a new level, without calculation and intelligent brains you will not be able to help our hero pull the pin, overcome the obstacles and unable to escape the castle, and also can’t save the beautiful princess.

Game Key Features

Based on the motif of pull the pin puzzle game like How To Loot – Pin Pull & Hero Rescue game, How To Loot 2 has been improved by us to make it more attractive, more creative and not to get bored:

  • Add a number of new features for users to experience: switch opening feature, gas pipe, liquid conversion tube …
  • Graphics, effects and sound are carefully equipped and perfect.
  • More than 180 new, fascinating and diverse challenges are waiting for you to explore.
  • We will update new exciting challenges every day, helping you experience different challenges and increase the fun.
  • Download the game completely free.

Game Conclusion

Sounds very interesting, right? Everyone has downloaded it, why haven’t you downloaded our pin lock game – How To Loot 2 yet?

Download and play How To Loot 2 – the most popular pin rescue game today to participate in conquering fascinating challenges.
Share your experiences with playing this pull the pin puzzle game, we will listen to it and improve every day.
I hope you have fun and overcome the brain-damaging puzzles in How To Loot 2.

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