Icing On The Dress APK Creative Game!

This game is a piece of cake! Relax and create beautiful dresses, full of style and fashion.

Game Introduction

The dress will spin and all you have to do is frost the outside with different colors. Put your dress styling skills to the test! Feel stress free and channel your inner designer in Icing on the Dress. So many beautiful clothes for you to rotate, pipe, decorate. Can you make the perfect dress the celebrities will dream of? Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss a seam… Will you be the first one to finish them all?

Color and decorate the perfect wedding dress. A dress so good looking you will want to eat it.

Game Salient Features

  • Simple but addicting mechanics
  • The dress will spin around and you need to pipe icing around. It’s that simple and relaxing!
  • So many dresses for you to design and frost. How many can you make?
  • Great visuals and graphics
  • Realistic physics and graphics will make you want these dresses all for yourself.
  • Simple yet fun mechanics will keep you entertained for hours!

Game Conclusion

if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;

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