Idle Dino Zoo APK Download!

Run your own Idle Dino Zoo APK! Create a park filled with dinosaurs!

Idle Dino Zoo APK Features

  • Build a Zoo & Manage Your Dinosaur Park
  •  Manage a park and create a business simulation!
  •  Create a dream idle dino zoo and open it to visitors to begin increasing your income
  • Customize your park with decorations, rides, and dinosaurs!
  • Raise dinosaurs – Buy/sell dinos from prehistory in your idle zoo
  • Care for dinos and manage their population
  • Upgrade each dino to help its survival rate
  • Sell your dinos at the trade post for gems to boost your progress
  • An idle game without too much tapping Idle Progress – Your park will make money while you’re gone

Game Conclusion

Enjoy an idle safari in your pocket, Expand Your Zoo, Manage a zoo and invest in improvements that increase dino birth rates. Be the zoo & park dinosaur manager and increase the maximum time the zoo can run without you. Build your zoo to be the best and earn achievements

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