Imposter Smashers – Fun io Apk Free Download

How can you survive in an arena full of Imposters? Smash and Run!


Imposter Smashers – Fun io  Apk game is a super cool, easy and relaxing game. To win this, your mission is simple: Smash other crewmate by a huge hammer, Consume their power to become bigger and stronger, Be the only Imposter survival in the battlefield. However, be careful and try to avoid bumping into other tricky impostors, otherwise, you’ll be smashed.

You can choose among several roles to add more excitement: Hunter, Assassin, Captain, Trapper, Sword, Gunner… with unlimited skills and items. In this io  Apk game, where multiplayer battle other to be the last one who survive, making yourself a strong and smart one is crucial. It’s super fun, check it out!


  • Hold and drag to move
  • Get closer to crewmates and smash them
  •  Run fast and don’t be hit


  • Easy and addictive gameplay, control with only one finger
  •  Several roles with impressive skins and skills
  • Awesome graphics
  • Countless challenges, countless fun
  •  Play online and offline

Download Imposter Smashers – Fun io Apk games and enjoy this funny addictive game.

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