Lightracer Ignition APK Download!

This is a game where you determine the fate of entire civilizations, whether they rise or fall.

Game Introduction

The game’s premise is based on the “Big Rip” hypothesis, wherein all matter is slowly being torn apart by the expanding of the universe. The game tells the story of several civilizations’ struggling at the twilight of the universe. You are the navigator of a high tech “ark,” leading your compatriots to escape annihilation by the big rip.

To accumulate the energy required for navigation, you must construct an orbital ring that will envelop an entire planet to consume the planet’s mass. But not all planets are empty. Will you devour the planets in your path or find coexistence with exotic civilizations? The choice is yours.

But remember, all choices will have a profound impact on the development of a civilization. Consider your choices carefully.

Game Key Features

  • You can receive ten free strangelet by paying for download.
  • Upgrade technology to increase offline production.
  • Allocate your energy between construction and upgrades to discover the most effective method for progress.
  • Auto-Answer is enabled by default. Players who wish to explore the story and continue at their own pace can turn off this feature.
  • Swipe left and right between screens and pay attention to the upper left corner of the interface, where your AI assistant has marked [Missions] for the navigator.
  • Many concepts within the game are derived from existing scientific theories.

Game Conclusion

The game may encounter incidents related to technological singularity, cyber blue star people, global economic integration, police country, etc. Note that every choice you make may lead to a different direction of civilization. Please consider carefully before implementing. This game is just for you who are yearning and thinking about the future of civilization. It’s time to start challenging the insurmountable fatalism.

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