Mad Wreck APK 3D Free

Screech! Can you hear that metal twist and bend? This is Mad Wreck 3D, and it is one car crash of a game – literally!

Game Introduction and Details

In Mad Wreck 3D, the aim of the game is to crash all cars! Create one pile-up after another, and smash your way to the finish. It is so satisfying to hear that metal crunch! Oh, yeah!

But you’ll have to drive fast to catch your competitors. Speed along the course, and overtake all the others, crashing as you go, to win the prize! Bet you’ll have a smashing time!

Mad Wreck APK Features

◉ 3D Gameplay like no other
◉ Beautiful handmade 3d graphics
◉ Multiple environments to discover, including winter
◉ Various cars to unlock
◉ Plenty of handcrafted levels
◉ Funky soundtrack
◉ Optimization for all screens

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