MARVEL Realm of Champions APK RPG Games!

High-action Marvel multiplayer mayhem for your mobile device!

Game Introduction

Join this bold new imagining of the Marvel Universe, gear up your Champions and play your part in this epic real-time Action-RPG brawl! Customize your Marvel Champions with weapons and gear. Then team up with your network of friends in real-time high-action team-based battles. Tank with your Hulk, Super Soldier and Thor to soak up hits while you attack hard with area disruption.

Inflict devastating damage at close range with your Black Panther. Use high-powered ranged attacks with your Web Warrior and Iron Legionnaire. Amplify your allies with your Storm and Sorcerer Supreme dealing bursts of damage to vanquish groups of enemies.

Maestro, an evil version of the Hulk from an alternate future, ruled over a planet formed from merged, alternate timelines. Due to the mysterious murder of Battle world’s ruler, this world has fallen into disarray. Barons have risen to control their lands, looking to turn the tide of war in their favor, electing to settle their differences with a Secret War.

As the Barons put forth their Champions to battle, it is up to YOU to rise from a rookie to become a legendary HERO of BATTLEWORLD!

Marvel Realm Of Champions Features

• The only Marvel game with flexible customization options allowing you to mix and match gear and weapons
• Earn Gear, Weapons, and upgrades as you claim victories on the battlefield to level up & strengthen your Champions
• The more powerful your Champions become, the more successful you will be!
• New gear and weapons being added all the time! Battle in competitive 3v3 battles for epic rewards and claim your victory in Arena Conquest
• Brawl for supremacy in all-out mayhem in the 2v2v2 Deathmatch showdowns
• Fight 15 waves of challenging enemies that bear down on your team in limited time Onslaught events
• Overcome unique status effects and build new strategies with your team in limited-time World Quests


Explore the deep story of Battle world, full of mystery, intrigue, and ferocious battles through single player Pinnacle Quests!

  • MAKE MARVEL YOURS! Your Champion. Your Team. Your Realm.
  • DOWNLOAD Marvel Realm of Champions NOW!

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