Merge Kingdoms APK- Tower Defense 2021

Merge Kingdoms APK is a brand new take on tower defense with idle progression!

Game Introduction

Combine your towers to reach new heights, and strategize with your placements to progress. This game has so many layers of depth to dive into!

Classic TD gameplay with a twist. With thousands of waves, and unlimited depth, there’s always something new to strive for!

Game Features

  • Unlimited hordes of enemies to prove your prowess
  •  35+ enemy types (Necromancer, Elemental Hellhound, Ice Dragon and MORE)
  •  Employ 20 different towers to crush your enemies
  •  Level-up your defenses – merge your towers, power them up, and unlock new epic and legendary towers
  • Beat the bosses every 5 waves to earn chests – get rewarded for your accomplishments!
  •  Regular FREE chest grants (normal, silver, and even GOLD chests!)
  •  6 Unique FREE power-ups to unlock – including fireball, overclocking, and TIME WARP.
  •  Over a dozen rich stages with fresh new environments
  •  Gain access to Long-Range Towers at wave 300
  •  Reach wave 600 and unlock PRESTIGE MODE (can you get that far!?)
  •  Flying enemies add additional challenge at wave 700
  • Reach wave 1000 and defeat the final boss

Get Merge Kingdoms APK today – a tower defense with unlimited scaling!

Thanks for all the amazing feedback from our players so far and please keep it coming. This version has some tuning changes based on player reports.

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