Monsters Heads Granny Games Fahrenheit Granny Kid Apk Download Latest Version

Are you ready to face the fear?
Come on than just try that Monsters Heads Granny Games Fahrenheit Granny Kid and see the new touch of granny games because It will not an easy task for you to survive in this granny game.


In this game there’s a monster named monster light head who will not spare you if you will get close to him and when he will got you there will be in game sounds for granny which will destroy your ears, this is not a granny vs kid or kid vs granny game in which you will easily scary escape like in granny teddy not even you will kill granny or shoot granny because it will not harm her she will continuously follow you until she’ll capture you.

Scary Granny And Kid 

Scary grandma granny multiplayer is waiting for you inside the haunted house, She enhanced knows how to take care of a granny house, and You better distinguish how to get the secret of this Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometer of scary horror grandma and escape the multiplayer games with friends from horror haunted house.

Scary grandma and grandpa will cut you into pieces if they find you with horror granny in game sounds just like you are granny vs kid because its not a baby granny with fun multiplayer games.


This is an endless terror ghost game for free with realistic graphics and horrific sounds combine with meido animatronics monster heads with scary story which will take you into a creepy and exciting world game press by downloading this granny game Apk

So the result of all of the description above is just to be alert and attentive and don’t be too close to any creepy creature otherwise you’ll be captured

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