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Nais Training Diary APK + MOD v1.3.5

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Overview Information

Name Nais Training Diary
Package com.playmeow.nai
Publisher Banana King
Category Simulation
Version 1.3.5
Size 901 MB
Requires Android 5.1 and Up
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Nais Training Diary Apk Download for Android Free for playing an extensive romantic/adventure simulation game on your Android phone.

4/5 - (3 votes)

Nais Training Diary Apk is a highly engaging simulation game for Android users. This gaming app offers a lot of activities for gamers. Players will take complete control of the gameplay. There will be decisions that will shape the entire storyline. Get the game from the listed download buttons.

  1. What is Nais Training Diary Apk?
  2. Detailed storyline
  3. Decision Freedom
  4. High-End Graphics
  5. Are there any Alternatives to Nais Training Diary Apk?
  6. How to Download and Install Nais Training Diary Apk File?
  7. Key Features of Nais Training Diary Apk
  8. FAQs
  9. Is Nais Training Diary Apk suitable for kids?
  10. Can gamers download this game from Google Play?
  11. Is it safe to download the game file?
  12. Final Words

Before gamers get too interested in downloading it, there are a few things to know. This gaming application features a dark and intimate storyline. So some of the dialogues and scenes might not be suitable for underage gamers. Get this game only if you are an adult gamer.

What is Nais Training Diary Apk?

Nais Training Diary Apk is a simulation gaming application for Android phones. Gamers will enjoy complete control over the storyline and how it progresses. The default gaming app language is Spanish, so native speakers will be able to play without any limitations. There might be more languages available.

Gamers will be able to get started without any added requirements of account creation. The main menu and all its features will be accessible easily. This gaming app will require almost 1 GB of free space on your device storage. Users with mid-range devices will be able to play this game smoothly.

Most online games these days offer excessive in-game purchases. Normally these purchases are not mandatory but the game feels in-complete without them. So gamers need to spend money if they want to enjoy the gameplay. The situation is completely different with gaming applications.

Nais Training Diary Game does not offer any mandatory in-game purchases. The gameplay is enjoyable without spending money. It will present various exciting features for gamers to explore. We are going to list some of the features here. This information will be helpful for gamers.

Detailed storyline

This storyline revolves around the main female character Nai. Nai has faced a lot of hardships in her past and she doesn’t know the way of living. Nai is clueless about a lot of things like Social interactions, Skills to earn money, daily life etiquette, and much more. She is a complete blank about various things.

Players will be tasked with teaching her all the things that will help her get out in the real world. There are various tasks as well for gamers to perform with Nai. Players have to tackle many real-life scenarios like mood swings, making her happy, and so on.

Decision Freedom

Nais Training Diary for Android offers an extensive range of choices. Every choice the gamer makes here will lead to a whole new outcome. There is no influence over the player’s decisions. Gamers get to make mistakes and learn from them. There are different endings to unlock as well.

High-End Graphics

If you are an Anime fan, get this gaming application right away. The characters and all other graphics aspects are inspired by Anime. This is one of the aspects that will make this gameplay fun. The game also offers responsive in-game controls. Gamers will enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Gamers have to take care of many more aspects like Nai’s current mood and the money spent to care for her. There are various ways of making money as well in this gaming application. This is going to be an exciting experience for both Simulation and Anime fans.

Are there any Alternatives to Nais Training Diary Apk?

Finding an alternative game on this platform won’t be a hard task. Gamers will get to explore a dedicated section for similar games. As this game features a dark storyline, players should also try something lighthearted. Some gaming app suggestions would be Everdale Apk and My Time at Portia.

How to Download and Install Nais Training Diary Apk File?

Android users can download the Apk file easily from the links presented. There are two download links shared for user convenience. A single tap on any download button will direct users to the main download menu. The download process will begin after a few seconds of delay.

To start installing the Apk file, users must enable the installation permission. The installation permission can be granted from the Android phone settings>security settings. Once the permission is granted, users can initiate the installation process. There are a few steps to follow for installing the game file.

  • Find the downloaded Apk file from the device file manager>downloads folder.
  • Tap on the Apk file and wait for the installation prompt to appear.
  • As the prompt appears, tap on the install button and wait for the process to complete.

Key Features of Nais Training Diary Apk

  • This simulation game is free to download and play.
  • It does not require any in-game purchases.
  • Third-party advertisements are blocked.
  • Account creation and sign-in are not mandatory.
  • The game UI loads instantly.
  • Enjoy the gameplay in multiple languages.
  • Unlock multiple endings for free.
  • Extensive range of dialogues.
  • High-end Anime graphics and responsive controls.
  • Make decisions without any influence.
  • Many more…


Is Nais Training Diary Apk suitable for kids?

No, some of the scenes and dialogues might not be suitable for kids.

Can gamers download this game from Google Play?

This gaming app is not present on the Google Play Store.

Is it safe to download the game file?

Yes, the game is completely safe to download from this website.

Final Words

We have shared all the necessary information about Nais Training Diary Apk. Interested gamers can now get started after downloading the game file from the presented links.

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4/5 (3 votes)

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