New Style Makeup APK- Creative Makeup Game for Girls 2021

Exciting makeup games for girls who want to develop their creative skills and experiment with different makeup styles.

Game Intro

In our amazing game ‘New Style Makeup’ you help girls to find their individual style and make them look awesome. You can make various cosmetic tries with models of different types and share with your friends.

Do cosmetic magic just with one finger

· Choose a beauty you like;
· Find an individual style for a chosen girl;
· Make her brows look perfect;
· Use eye shadows and mascara for bright eyes;
· Choose the best lipstick color and apply some lip gloss;
· Find the most suitable blush to make her cheeks shiny;
· Try some face-painting;
· Select the perfect hairstyle for each model;
· Add stylish accessories to complete the look;
· Take photos of the results and share with your friends!

It’s a great way to beauty makeover

This free app offers little princesses fun developing experience. It lets children express their creativity and imagination, improve their motor skills and learn something new while playing the game they love. Kids will enjoy this wonderful game with a huge selection of colorful lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes and other makeup accessories, a variety of hair colors and much more.

Game Conclusion

Our creative game offers children bright and safe mobile beauty experience. It will help every kid to reveal his talents and become a makeup artist!

Let’s make beauty together!

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