Oath of Knights APK Download 2021 Games!

Game Introduction

Mutants appeared. The war start again. Mysterious crystal shards contain enormous energy. Summoned by the king, the Knights are ready to set out and embark on the journey of searching for crystal and exterminating the mutants. However, in the adventure after adventure, they gradually find that……

Game Updates

  • Building, training, forging, and alchemy queues are added to the Camp.
  • Monthly card, permanent card, and season pass are on sale in the Shop.
  • Treasure chest for continuous draws is now available.
  • Inherit function added. New heroes can inherit EXP from old heroes.
  • Hero rewards upgrade events added.
  • Newbie hero draws are now available.
  • Value adjustments & further balancing
  • Optimized UI elements an

Game Features

  • Strategy, Match 3
  • Collect crystal shards and upgrade heroes to eliminate mutants
  • Summon Heroes
  • Cultivate powerful heroes to promote CE
  • Upgrade Crystal Tower
  • Crystal buff strengthens power of heroes
  • Random Maze
  • A variety of maze routes for you to choose from
  • Place play for easy upgrade
  • Placement play, one-click to collect all resources

Free Download ,Easy to play ..enjoy!

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