Plane Shooter APK 2021 Helicopter in Action!

Show everyone that you are the most powerful helicopter Pilot in the sky!
Ready to feel the action deep with your helicopter?
Aim and show your strength!

Game Introduction

The world is hanging on a thin thread! Our lovely Earth is under attack of mysterious alien space intruders. Enormous Bosses and evil enemies are threating our peace. We have no choice but to stand up and fight this relentless warfare.

Hurry up, Guys! The safety of Your Helicopter all depends on you. Get on your stunning Helicopter, travel through the bullet hell & join fierce galaxy war. Let’s knock out all the Planes!

Aircraft shooting game with diverse missions to complete. Getting bored with familiar classic shooting games? we brings you a whole new shooting experience with a broad range of fighter Helicopters and upgrades to select.
Various maps, numerous characters, breathtaking battles and you’ll surely never get bored! Aircraft war is full of excitement! Squadron attacks, rocket army or fighter pilots make this space shooter game highly addictive.


  • – Unique characters with plenty of strength points: dame main, dame sub, hp, attack speed, skill…
  • – Customize and upgrade Helicopter at your disposal.
  • – Various mode with attractive gameplay and thrilling flight lines.
  • – Deadly Bosses and enemies.
  • – 13 achievements with hundreds of challenging sky force mission.
  • – Great HD graphics and lively shooting effects.
  • – Giant items collection such as shield, health, ammunition to choose from.
  • – Rewards giveaway based on playing time.
                                                                                                                                                                                         HOW TO PLAY EASILY                                                                                                                                                           
  • – Touch screen to move the Helicopter up, down, right and left
  • – Upgrade the Helicopter with coin, bullet, rocket, and plane types.
  • – Choose co-op multiplayer mode to join the battles with your squadron. (Soon in the future) but now, it’s developing
  • Ready for the Plane Shooter APK? Join our sky force. Fly to the galaxy now! Face Planes & kill them all! Get your device hot with our endless shooting games!

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