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This is a game where you decide the life and death of the entire civilization.

What is PROJECT-12 APK ?

In the autumn of 2031, the Blue Star was unfortunately destroyed by a gamma-ray burst. When civilization died, time miraculously returned to before the disaster. As a selected “executor”, you will judge the impact of various technologies and policies on the world, and lead the entire Blue Star civilization to find hope in an endless cycle of time.

Due to the existence of time loop, you can repeatedly test what kind of path can guide the Blue Star people and the Blue Star civilization to escape the destiny of destruction.

The game may encounter incidents related to technological singularity, cyber blue star people, global economic integration, police country and so on.

Game Key Features

  • The six attributes that reflect the state of civilization are not the higher the better.
  • Actively explore different colonies, there will be unexpected discoveries.
  • Look at the small goals in the game, a little bit will help you who are confused.
  • Many concepts in the game originate from misunderstandings of scientific theories.


Note that every choice you make may lead to a different direction of civilization. Please consider carefully before implementing.

This game is just for you who are yearning and thinking about the future of civilization. It’s time to start challenging the insurmountable fatalism.

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