Racing Madness APK Real Car Games 2021!

The arcade game comes with a distinctive more deliberate fun filled mode which gives you thrilling car game play.

Game Introduction

Racing madness 3d is epic survival car racing game! Racing adventure that will keep you on your toes till the very end! Race, smash, and Win!

  • New but Simple and Smooth Controls..
  • Keep upgrading to smash powerful rivals
  • Smash every thing and become unbeatable monster on madness highway

Car racing is all-time favorite endless racing on outrageous racers track. New Car game 2021 offers a straight highway that gives you an extra dose of fun in new toy racing game. Car racing games have an addictive race mode with a realistic & thrilling environment to enjoy Offline games. In this best racing car game, traffic cars running down the roads of car race games frequently.

The racing game gives you a whole range of various racing cars models. If you are a real hardcore driver and like to drive fast, you must choose best car with high-speed ratings along the best racer cars that suit your driving style. The car driver can also choose agile turbo cars with better handling to move flexibly in heavy traffic. Super-fast cars will enhance your experience for a more realistic feeling in racing & drifting game.

Let’s see how far you can get in this crazy smashing survival race!

Game Different Modes

  • This fun game has free run endless racing mode that feels a real car racing with a beautiful city. Are you up for taking challenges with mini cars in free car racing games 3d? We ensure you to enjoy the best offline car racing games in real.
  • Free run highway track gives you hard time to drive car in rush traffic and avoid hurdles in this endless race game. In this derby demo game tour, the task is to drive cars faster and level up with an endless racing game. There are different hurdles that gives you a tough time while playing the free racing game 2021.
  • In this mini car game police cars patrolling on the highway and there is no speed limit for a car driving. You have to collect speed boosters and then hit other mini cars. This metal car games have multiple collectibles, it includes coins, a speed booster, and a battery charger with car driving fun game.
  • As all e-cars are electric cars, so you must have to recharge your car battery by picking up gas cans. In this new game, you can extract endless time fun with free car drive mode in the baby car game. Buy new cars and toy trucks in this best car game. Upgrade your mini toys car to make it more awesome in the race game.
  • This free games of ultimate challenges and toddler’s car will double the fun of toy racing game. Offline racing game 2021 offer arcade mode with mesmerizing car games. The best toy game gives you a very realistic feel of racing cars while driving.

Game Conclusion

In this race battle playground, you have to drive your mini toy car with rival racers against other toy cars. Your mini car is just like a toy for toddlers. These offline games are fun just knockout other toy cars that make you feel good like other cars simulator game.
The controls of toddler driving game are very easy. You can handle your racing cars with a tilt device & buttons in the toy vehicle game. Drive mini toy cars and collect more points to become the best car driver.

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