Ragnarok APK Poring Merge Download Free!

Cute but powerful! The Poring’s’ challenge begins!
Merge Poring’s, encounter new monsters, and join in the fierce battle!

Ragnarok’s most adorable monster! The Poring’s’ powerful battles begin!
Gather Poring’s to evolve them and collect the monsters of Ragnarok!

Form your unit in various ways using Poring heroes and unique skills!
Obtained Poring’s can be trained to become stronger in the Lab.

Enjoy more battles with the deployment system!
Deploy Poring’s to more areas and obtain more rewards.

Experience the numerous battle systems such as Dungeons, World Bosses, User Battles, and more.
Around 400 stages and adventurers from all around the world are waiting for you!

Check your battles with ease in once glance!
Enjoy the game using simple operations.

From battle situations to currency, hero info, missions, and Poring summoning!
You can view this all from the main screen at any time.

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