Rampage : Giant Monsters APK Free Download!

Game Introduction

Athena’s space station, owned by Next DNA company, are working on a project that can revive prehistoric creatures and a virus can make these animals bigger. They need a place to test their work, so they sent these creatures including prehistoric animals that they had resurrected to earth, it was unexpected that these giant super beasts had extraordinary strength, we they are destroying the Earth and nothing can stop them.

Game Features

  • Over 16 monsters to choose, upgrade by collecting more meat!
  • Campaign mode with 200 exciting levels will help you create epic moments.
  • Multiplayer mode with players around the world, show who is the king of monster.

Game Conclusion

With lots of giant beasts and simple, easy-to-play controls, you can lead these giant monsters, make them grow to conquer and reign over the Earth. Enjoy the most relaxing and satisfied feeling with Rampage: Giant Monsters.”

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