Rescue the Lover APK Download for Android!

Play the most addictive and satisfying game here! Solve interesting puzzles, protect your beloved girl from harm, and experience the thrill of success.

Game Introduction

The story is about a boy and his girl friend. The girl is kidnapped by a gangster for ransom. The boy is determined to save the girl, in the face of many dangers, challenges, and difficulties. Will he be able to save his girl friend? Please help him make the best decision!

It’s pretty simple! You pick the right answer – you complete your challenge – the characters proceed to the next level! Get it wrong – and it’s game over for you! Use your brains, let’s start to solve the problem! Everyone can play “Rescue the Lover APK”. If you are at a loss with multiple choices, you can ask the people around you for help! It is not a shame to solve these difficult problems together.

Game Key Features

  • – Tons of tricky puzzles with quirky solutions
  • – Beautiful, unique 2D graphics
  • – Addicting scenarios
  • – Intuitive controls
  • – Surprising result

Game Conclusion

Puzzles, word games, puzzle games, casual games, quizzes, test games, brain teasers, no matter what kind of game you are an enthusiast, or just want to have fun, “Rescue the Lover APK” this game can do it suits you! Can you protect her from harm under the challenges of many choices and take her out of trouble? Enjoy !

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