Resize It‬ APK – Solve the Brain Puzzles Download!

Ever thought how much you’d like to make your favorite ice cream bigger or shrink your team’s goal in a soccer game? Or to wave a magic wand and make everything in the world fit just right?

Game Introduction

Now imagine you have a super hi-tech laser beam that can do just that!  That’s what you get in the fun new puzzle-solving game Resize It‬ the chance to supersize (or super shrink) the object of your choice in order to find the solutions to an endless series of engaging, ingenious physics-based brainteasers.

Expand Your Mind with Brain Puzzles 

  • What doesn’t fit in this picture? You’ll have to think hard to solve the huge range of unique puzzles in this enthralling physics game. 
  • With over 200 objects that can be shrunk or expanded and a huge range of locations from single rooms to whole cities, Re-Size-It offers a mind-blowing number of puzzle variations,
  • Get thinking and solve puzzle after puzzle to collect dozens of cool-looking, uniquely designed laser guns, 
  • Beautiful graphics and a stylish soundtrack make Re-Size-It a delightful environment in which to relax and enjoy puzzle fun, 
  • What’s more, this is a physics game with a real sense of humor that will tickle your frontal cortex too. Many of the puzzle solutions are genuinely surprising—perhaps even a little shocking—and laugh-out-loud funny.

Game Conclusion!

Get thinking, give your eyes a treat and your brains a more interesting logic puzzle in this brand new, highly original physics game! The fun just gets bigger and bigger, while stress and worry shrink away.

Download Resize It‬ APK now, charge your laser, and get resizing

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