Road to Global CS APK GO Guide Pro!

Road to Global CS:GO Pro Version : Your favorite CS:GO Guide App, without Ads !

Game Introduction

Road to Global CS:GO Guide offers a wealth of information such as maps, callouts, weapons, gear, skins, achievements or ranks.
CS:GO Guide will help you get closer to a professional style of play, such as players in competitions.
A Sneak Peek of what you will find in our Guide App:

25 Maps with general information, 8 competitive maps with Callouts and grenade tricks using Molotov, Flashbang or Smoke.

Game Features & Details

  • Grenade tricks will show you:
    • Where to stand
    • Where to aim
    • Where the grenade lands
  • Inventory section include:
    • All 34 Weapons with information and skins
    • All 19 types of knives with skins available
    • Equipment including Gear, Grenades, Co-op Strike and Danger Zone items
    • Cases and Keys: Every Case and what’s included.
  • All types of Ranks:
    • Profile Ranks
    • Matchmaking
    • Wingman
    • Danger Zone
  • 167 Achievements divided in 5 sections:
    • Team Tactics
    • Combat Skills
    • Weapon Specialist
    • Global Expertise
    • War Games
  • Console Commands :
    • Game Performance, Interface and View
    • Mouse settings and Crosshair adjust
    • Practice Mode and Cheats for practice
    • Bot Commands
  • Money Management:
    • Kill Reward
    • Objective Rewards
    • Round end Rewards
    • Penalties
    • Managing Economy

Final Wordings

Money Simulator : You can predict your economy using basic information, like team, initial money and scenario ! Also, the simulator gives you some suggestion for buy ! Config Settings : You can use premade configs from Top50 Pro Players !

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