SHAREit APK Download (19.5MB) – Latest Version v4.6.58


SHAREit APK: Comparing to past days like 2009 to 2019 there is a massive change in technology, Many applications launched as of now. So, daily everything is updating, and things are getting more comfortable in our daily life. However, from 2012 to 2015 the majority of Smartphone users are increased, everyone shared videos and images with Bluetooth.

If you want to share a video or image, it takes too much time, and both mobiles should be within the frequency to receive the file via Bluetooth. So, people observed this situation and launched SHAREit APK for all the SmartPhone users.


Download and install Latest Version SHAREit APK

SHAREit app changed everything simple and it is the fastest and speedest Mobile application which will transfer all your mobile images, videos, database within a fraction of seconds.

For Suppose when your friend is watching a video, and you would like to get that video on your mobile without wasting a lot of time. You can use the Shareit app and transfer the video on your mobile and enjoy watching it. That’s quite simple.

File Info

App Name SHAREit
File Type APK
Version 4.6.58
Size 19.5MB
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Last Updated on Jan 12, 2019
Note: SHAREit APK is an official application, it is also available in the google play store, Download and install Latest Version below without any update.

How to Download & Install SHAREit APK?


Download SHAREit APK

  • To download the SHAREit app, you can directly click above button, as it is also available in Google Playstore. You can also download it from there.
  • Click to download the apk file successfully stores on your mobile file manager.
  • Go to file manager and click install the apk file, while connecting you will get a pop-up to enable the third-party un-known resources.
  • As you are installing from the third-party website, you need to enable the un-known resources to allow your mobile security to install the app in safe mode.
  • Now SHAREit app is presented on your home screen. Click Open the app and start sharing the images, videos, and file etc.

How does SHAREit APK Works?

  • To share all your files and images. First, you need to connect your mobile to another mobile.
  • Both mobiles should have SHAREit app installed, Now SHAREit automatically recognises another mobile.
  • Click on the name, and both mobiles are now ready to share and receive the files.
  • Now go to the gallery and select which image or video you would like to share.
  • Click tick mark and pick the share now and start sharing files with SHAREit apk.

How to Download & Install SHAREit APK for Windows?

  • Downloading and installing on windows is a natural and reasonable process. You can download and install SHAREit app with Android Emulator.
  • Go to the official website and download .exe file on windows.
  • Now install Blue-stacks emulator on your windows and search for the .exe file on your computer.
  • Drag and drop the file on Blue-stacks emulator and SHAREit will install.
  • Open the SHAREit app with the emulator and start transferring files from mobile to windows and PC device.
  • However, for windows mobile devices, you can directly download Android apk file and click install on Windows Mobiles.

How to Download & Install SHAREit APK for iOS and use?

  • Install the SHAREit app from your iTunes and open it, iOS devices do not support third-party files. You need to install the app from iTunes only.
  • Now connect your iOS mobile to WiFi network and start sharing files to another mobile.
  • Note: To share from iOS device to any Android device both mobiles should connect to WiFi networks. You will not cost any data for transferring the files to another mobile.

Screen Shots

SHAREit APK Screen Shots


  • Transfer files to any mobile with 20m/s.
  • As of now 6000+ users are downloaded and using the application.
  • Free of cost to transfer any data, unlimited sharing from one mobile to another mobile.
  • You can even transfer files from iOS device to any Android devices without any cost.
  • It offers numbers of high-quality play-list online and offline.
  • You can download and install the SHAREit App starting from 2.0 Android version to 4.0+
  • QR codes scanning is a convenient and easy way to transfer all your files.
  • Transferring Gif images, all mp4 format movies, pictures etc. is easy and straightforward.

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SHAREit APK Download (19.5MB) – Latest Version v4.6.58
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