Sling Birds APK 3D

Tap on birds to shoot them. You will have limited number of stones , so use them wisely to clear the level.

Sling Birds APK Introduction

Recently updated Sling Bird APK is one of best shooting games- Free offline fun games.
Get ready for Sling Bird APK game free. Time to play jewel new games 2021 to become a real arcade games shooter. Play action-adventure offline games to prove that you are the best bottle shooter ever.

Hand catapult jewel shooter games are physics based free games with a lot of fun free game play.
 Be the world best arcade shooter to play shoot offline games.


Key Features of Sling Bird APK Game

Sling Bird APK fun games environment
Get real games gems & best catapult
Sharp views of target bottles
Smooth & easy free games controls
HD Realistic shooting new games graphics
magical gems boosters
Multiple Arcade games levels

Good Luck Sling Bird APK Games User!

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