APK Ragdoll Fighting Arena BETA 2021.

If you liked funny dudes & wacky online multiplayer fight games, this insanely epic stumbling fighting game is definitely exciting to play when bored!

Game Introduction is an epic & wacky 3D ragdoll fighting battlegrounds io game with totally crazy physics simulation. Smash, hit, kill, destroy & knockout ragdoll dudes through insane levels, arenas and escalating modes. Up to 10 players to struggle each other until they all fall. Pick your favorite skin type (human guys, stickman dudes, beastly gang, wacky superhero dudes, robot etc.), unlock unique weapons, customize your teammates gang & gather some allies to assist during crazy hilarious battles! If you fall or stumble, just start over & keep going!

Dive into oddly obstacles & ridiculous challenges. Throw some traps, bombs, tornados & have fun fight with ragdolls. Challenge your skills, join the ultimate ragdoll gang fighting simulator and take a part of this ridiculous physics battle arena. 

Game Key Features

  • – 100% Physics Simulation (Active Ragdoll)
  • – Amusing, Silly & Crazy Physics Fighting
  • – Multiplayer-Styled Quick PVP Gameplay
  • – Campaign, Deathmatch & Team Fight
  • – More Than 100+ Skins/Weapons/Traps
  • – Totally Fun Battlegrounds
  • – Epic Fast-Match Battles

Game Conclusion

Join the endless epic ragdoll arena, have fun with ridiculous physics simulation all day! Game is free to download and easy to play enjoy playing with friends!

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