Solo VPN Apk v1.5.5 Download Free for Android [Latest]

Solo VPN APK + MOD v1.5.5

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Name Solo VPN
Package com.solovpn.fastsupernet.connect.ultimateproxies
Publisher Weaver Hnq
Category Tools
Version 1.5.5
Size 14.93 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and Up
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Solo VPN Apk v1.5.5 Download Free for Android [Latest]. Get responsive VPN services for hiding your IP address with global servers.

4.7/5 - (3 votes)

Solo VPN Apk is a handy tool that assures user data privacy. This virtual private network tool delivers a great of features for Android users. If you are interested in enhancing data privacy while web surfing, this tool can be very helpful. The tool can be downloaded easily from the presented download links.

  1. What is Solo VPN Apk?
  2. Unblock Restricted Sites/Apps
  3. Server Selection
  4. How to Download the Solo VPN Apk File?
  5. Key Features of Solo VPN Apk
  6. FAQs
  7. Is it safe to download and install?
  8. Does it require mandatory purchases?
  9. Is downloadable from Google Play?
  10. Final Words

Every user would be aware of VPN tool usage. If somehow you are not, there is no need to be worried. VPNs can be used for various purposes but the main reason is hiding your original IP address and setting up a fake. This technique is used simply to hide your original locate and mask a fake one.

What is Solo VPN Apk?

Solo VPN Apk is a VPN tool for Android device users. It will offer numerous exciting services without charging any mandatory subscription fee. Using this tool will be really easy for all sorts of users. There is nothing complex here and users using a VPN for the first time can navigate it easily.

As mentioned in the beginning, there are several reasons for using a VPN. Internet surfing these days is extremely sensitive. A simple mistake can cause personal data leaks and much more. That is why it is very important for users to be attentive while surfing the internet.

Various websites on the internet collect user data. Many sites ask permission for user location and other data. But some sites don’t ask they simply collect data without permission. In these cases, using a VPN tool becomes necessary to hide the original location.

Every mobile device has its unique IP address and this is what tells hackers your address. A VPN tool can generate a fake IP address that will ping your location to a fake country/city. The Solo VPN App is going to present plenty of exciting features and services for Android users.

Unblock Restricted Sites/Apps

There are a lot of websites, applications, and games that are banned in various countries. TikTok app will be the biggest example in this modern age. Indian users cannot access TikTok directly. There will be plenty of similar websites and apps that cannot be accessed.

Switching your location to a new one will enable access to all the blocked websites and applications. Millions of users from different countries are using VPN tools to access TikTok and other entertainment platforms. Being able to unblock apps and sites is a great feature to have.

Server Selection

If you have used a VPN tool before, you would know that there are two types of servers. There are free servers and there are premium servers. The difference is quite obvious between the two. Users can choose their desired servers from the extensive server list.

Now to be able to access premium servers, users need to buy the subscription plan first. The app offers multiple types of subscription plans. The free servers are good enough as well and it is not mandatory to buy a subscription plan.

Users can access plenty of features in the premium version such as ad-free usage. The free version will run third-party advertisements here and there. If you think the services of this aren’t good enough, then we could suggest some more options such as Kid VPN Apk and VPN Mod Apk.

How to Download the Solo VPN Apk File?

To start the download process users need to find the download buttons. There is one located at the top and one at the bottom of the page. A single tap on any button will direct users to the main download menu. The file downloading will begin automatically after 5 to 10 seconds.

Now before users initiate the installation process, there is one simple task. Users must enable installation permission for files downloaded from third-party sources. This option is present in the Android phone security settings.

Key Features of Solo VPN Apk

  • This Android tool is free to download and use.
  • There is no need to create a user account.
  • Access hundreds of worldwide servers.
  • Numerous free servers to choose from.
  • Unblock any website, app, or game.
  • The user interface is easy to navigate.
  • The app runs on low-end Android phones.
  • Users will get customer support service.
  • Many more…


Is it safe to download and install?

The Solo VPN Apk file is completely safe to download and install on Android devices.

Does it require mandatory purchases?

No, users can enjoy app services in free mode as well.

Is downloadable from Google Play?

This VPN tool is present on the Google Play Store.

Final Words

If you are trying to get secure while using the internet, you need a Solo VPN Apk. It will deliver plenty of security and privacy services without any mandatory charges or registrations.

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4.7/5 - (3 votes)
4.7/5 (3 votes)

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