Sticky Balls APK Free Download!

A game with balls that are sticky. Inspired by Katamari Damacy, Roll up everything in sight with your ball and expand it bigger to eat more! See how big it can get and crush everything in your sight!

Game introduction

Control whether to accelerate, the time and difficulty are controlled by yourself. Challenge the limits with global players, each level has a separate list.
Exciting arena with a wealth of props to experience the fun of on-screen competition with other players. Meet the demand for the pursuit of extreme and leisure games, test the adaptability of players.

Game Features

  • Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
  • Play offline
  • Single Player
  • Lots of interesting skins to collect
  • Simple rules, easy to learn


Sticky Balls is a great opportunity for you to improve your reflexes and ingenuity by quickly helping the ball avoid obstacles and score more points.

Let’s join and experience the fun challenge with Sticky Balls

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