Sticky Flip Jump APK Latest Games 2021

Sticky Flip Jump is tap flip game. Play Sticky Flip to stick and flip on obstacles in Sticky Flip Game !

Game Features of Sticky Flip Jump APK Game

  • Tap to flip
  • ┬áTry to stick objects
  • Do not fall down

As stated in features, sticky flip is easy and fun game. If you like tapping game, Sticky Flip will be your favorite ! The more you play Sticky Flip, the more professional you will become !
There are lots of different and challenging levels that are waiting for you in Sticky Flip Jump Game ! Try to make your best !

Best tapping and flipping game ever ! Sticky Flip can be played anywhere, anytime and even offline too ! You need no internet to play Sticky Flip game.

Game Conclusion

Try to do your best and tap at correct time ! Easy, fun and also challenging tapping game, Sticky Flip Game ! Sticky Flip Jump is easy to play, yet hard to master ! How long can you go in Sticky Flip Game !

Good Luck !

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