Storypick APK Download Free For Androids!

Make popular dramas and TV programs into your own story! King Bs Series, Heart Signal, and Kingdom are reborn in Story pick! It’s where all these stories are remade with your choice.

Game Introduction

Experience how your choice changes the course of the story in Story pick now. Marked by King Bs, Loved by King Bs, and Memories by King Bs! The three series of our King Bs are all in here. Enjoy Story pick’s Original Series from a time-transcending romance to the daily stories of our lives! For you in love now, or about to fall in one. Fated love can start from a coincidence. Romance is made from your fingertips!

Netflix’s renowned “Kingdom”, Channel A’s popular program “Heart Signal”, and popular web drama “Office Watch: The Gossip Room” are all in one place! Enjoy a new experience by making your own choice and creating a different story from the original work.

Game Key Features

  • These 4 beautiful models are going to be my housemates!
  • Living with 4 unexpected housemates.
  • 3 goblins move into my house on my 21st birthday…
  • And now I need to take in a 400-year-old fox too?
  • Messages & Social Media & Phone Calls with your housemates!
  • Go on a romantic date with your charming guy every day!
  • Read their past stories, live-streaming, and new fantasy stories.
  • Pick your choice to read among various types of stories.
  • Charming characters’ voice.
  • Listen to your man’s ASMR in a gentle voice on a sleepless night.
  • Romantic stories will touch your heart tender with the 4 men’s voice.
  • Compete in a fashion contest, ‘Wannabe Challenge’!
  • Casual, Street, Feminine, and even K-POP!
  • Try out different fashion styles and choose your best outfit.
  • Better than Otome! Best Romance Story RPG!
  • Collect Evermore illustrations of special moments with your special guys and enjoy leveling up your role-playing character.

Game Conclusion

PICK the story according to your taste, and PICK the fate of your character! It’s an experience like none other! Participate in various open events and have fun reading stories-Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Participate in pre-registration now! Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

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