Tentacle Locker APK Mobile Clue Download!

Welcome to Tentacle Locker APK School Game overview and gameplay game in which you will interact with girls in school.
Blend through the school building and wait for the girl to come close to the locker, press the button and the girl will be caught by the tentacles. For the rest of story see inside the game helper and enjoy playing

Game Details

  • Tentacle Locker game is an amazing app for android. Your all queries must have fulfilled after reading this guide
  • Tentacle Locker school is a game brimming with feeling that you need to take youngsters to class and bolt them and get them to wear skirts without having to support you. May spellbind and secure youngsters in the water.
  • We made sure to reproduce the exact tentacle-locker gameplay, that includes school girls walking over and trying to avoid the tentacles hidden in the locker. This is the first locker closet game for android, which is accurate fun
  • The game begins in a locker room, however. Some girls will move right before the lockers in the class. The players should then pull them with Tentacles into the school. They were then start running and u need to catch them.

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